Professional regulation lies at the heart of all healthcare systems. It could not be otherwise; high quality care depends on the skills and dedication of individual professional people. It is the task of professional regulators to provide assurance to citizens that those who provide care have not simply passed the right exam, but have maintained and developed their practice in line with the latest thinking and evidence.

All professional regulators face the same issues. They are required to maintain a secure and accurate register and then provide timely and convenient access to it.

They need to have the capacity to curate and recover unprecedented quantities of real time data in order to ensure that general commitments to high standards of care are matched by individual commitments by professional people to maintain and develop their fitness to practise.

At the heart of this service is an efficient register, capable of handling large amounts of information quickly and reliably and including the ability to match information from multiple sources. That is the service which is provided by Regulator Online. 

Fortesium’s regulatory solution Regulator Online gives regulators the capacity to handle information on a scale which was inconceivable even a short time ago. It has enabled the NMC to develop its service to nurses and midwives as well as strengthening its capacity to deliver its core purpose of improved assurance to patients.


Foreword By the Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell

Regulator Online has been the single regulatory database solution for the Nursing and Midwifery Council, Europe’s single largest healthcare regulator, since 2014, and during that partnership the NMC and Fortesium have achieved…

  90% reduction in print costs

  £40 million in payments per year taken through the system

  A five-fold increase of professionals updating their own personal details online

  A halving of telephone subscription payments

  An 80% reduction in NOP form rejections

  A reduction of 70% in scanning & indexing requirements

45% of professionals in the UK Health sector
are regulated using a version of Regulator Online.

How do you know your baby wasn’t delivered by a car mechanic?

Because your nurse is registered and regulated by a professional body

All nurses are qualified and their qualification is checked every year. Their fitness to practise is checked and rechecked every year and, as a result, you know your precious bundle of joy was in the best possible hands from the moment they were born.

Behind the regulator who makes sure

 their database is secure and properly maintained?

 their records are up to date?

 they’re reminded and chased when their revalidation is due?

 their CPD is up to date?

 their subscriptions are paid?

And when something goes wrong, the proper process is followed to make sure they are fit to practise.

Whether its delivering babies, checking the engine on your aeroplane, even making sure that your food is properly cooked, Regulator Online is the software that supports regulators to ensure our professionals are up to scratch and keeping us safe.

So, thanks to Regulator Online,  you know you’re in the hands of qualified and regulated professionals…

(Unless of course you want your brakes checked at the same time as you give birth).

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