Case Study

The Nursing and Midwifery Council is the world’s largest healthcare regulator with over 700,000 professionals on their register.

Fortesium has been working with the NMC since 2008 and our software underpins the NMC Online offering for nurse validation and revalidation.

The Fortesium software that forms Regulator Online is responsible for creating the portal through which every nurse in the UK registers and keeps their details up to date with the NMC, pays their annual subscription and updates their qualifications and CPD.


Here is a small sample of the NMC’s achievements with the help of Fortesium and Regulator Online:

Reduce Print and Postal Costs

In 2014 the NMC spent a staggering £1 million on the design, print and mailing of information and application packs to NMC registrants and prospective registrants. Through the use of our software and the migration of that activity online, these costs were reduced to just £100,000 by 2017 and are still falling.

Chart: £ Print and post costs

Quicker and Simpler Registrations

With HEI’s now able to directly upload new qualifications into the NMC register through their own dedicated portal, newly qualified nurses are instantly enrolled and able to get out into the workforce quicker than ever before.

Chart: UK registrations  – three year comparison for September

Increased Accuracy of Data 

Nurses can update their details and information quickly, easily and directly using NMC Online leading to an 80% decrease in manual address changes since Fortesium implemented this functionality in 2013.

Chart: Manual v Online address change yearly comparison

Ease and simplicity of payments

Since adding the functionality in 2014 Fortesium’s payment solution has taken over £200 million in payments on behalf of the NMC.

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